About Us

In the scope of social responsibility that covers all the companies in the group, in 2012 was born the initiative of the SOCEM Volunteer Group. Over the years, employees of all companies have been embracing this project with affection and we currently have approximately 30 people who have been developing actions and campaigns focusing on a mission only...

... contribute positively to improve the surrounding community of the SOCEM Group , through the union and the willingness to help the Groups employees. Do a lot with little, get smiles, thanks and encourage everyone, within the SOCEM universe, in this mission.

Social Responsibility, now so discussed in the media, is neither a fashion or a question focused on institutions. Solidarity is a question of citizenship! More than ever, be supportive, in a word, in a gesture, in a caring, can help construct a smile.

Luís Febra, General Manager of Grupo SOCEM